Recent solo efforts by both Justin Hayward and John Lodge may be the closest fans will ever get to more new music from the Moody Blues. Hayward says the progressive-rock legends are unlikely to record another album.

He recently Florida Weekly that the Moody Blues will focus on tours and live projects. "I think this is probably it," Hayward said."People want DVDs from us now. I think any product we do will be along that line."

The most recent studio recording by the Moody Blues dates back to 2003's December. Meanwhile, the band – which also includes founder Graeme Edge – has released a string of live projects, even reaching back into their vaults for some key older shows.

Now in the middle of a U.S. tour with the Moody Blues, Hayward said he's noticed something intriguing about their fan base over the years. "People think the '60s were our best time," he noted. "But to be honest, the most fun was that time in the '80s – to have that opportunity to be on TV and have all the times of having hit singles in your early forties."

He's learned something about himself too. "I was a kid in the '60s, with my head down and a little too stoned," Hayward added. "In the '80s, I was able to enjoy it. Believe it or not, a lot of our audience today came from that time, not the '60s."

Hayward released the bluegrass-inflected Spirits of the Western Sky in 2013, while Lodge issued the more reliably proggy 10,000 Light Years Ago last year, his first solo album since 1977.

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