It was so popular it looks like there will be another round of food trucks/fair food coming to Morristown this month. On July 11th expect to see 9 different food vendors in a different place in Morristown. Downtown Morristown will be the scene this time, and the food vendors will be out in front of the Old Town Tavern from 11am to 7:30pm.

According to a post on social media, you can expect a good selection of foods, with the event being strictly grab and go. So who will be at the event?

Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm out of Waseca, Gold Star Concessions, Uncle B's Last Chance BBQ,  N. Morristown School, The Lunch Box, MM Greek Foods, Schroeder's Concessions, Morristown Fire Department, and Kona Ice.

Back in June, there was a fair food/food truck event that took place with fewer vendors at Morristown's Community Center.

Clearly there is a demand for this type of event due to the cancelation of area county fairs due to COVID-19, and it's great that the community comes out to support these vendors.

If you are heading out to this event on July 11th, please be respectful and practice social distancing, as well as being sure to grab and go. My guess is with the pizza farm being onsite there may be more of a wait for that item.

Rock on Morristown!

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