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Sure, we have snow in our forecast for the next few days, but there are other signs that we might be entering a more active pattern with snowier and colder weather more likely for Minnesota.

I'm what you'd call an armchair meteorologist. I don't have any real scientific training in forecasting the weather (other than some keen observational skills gleaned after taking note of various weather situations while reading forecasts on the air over the past 20-something years.) But THIS story from National Geographic caught my attention because it's predicting a much more intense weather pattern as we head through the rest of the winter of 2021.

Outside that freak fall snowstorm that dumped between 2 and 4 inches of snow on us here in Rochester -- back in October -- we haven't had much snow at all this winter. In fact, so far here in January, we've scored a big goose egg in the snow department. And while there is the possibility of between 3 to 6 inches of snow in our neck of the woods Wednesday night (1/13) through Friday (1/15), there could be more where that came from.

And, National Geographic says it's due, in part, to our old friend, the Polar Vortex. You remember that, right? I first heard about it during the extremely cold winter of 2013, when Arctic air invaded Minnesota and gave us lows of nearly 30 below zero (the actual air temp, not the windchill) for several days.

Now, though, the Polar Vortex is helping to create what some meteorologists believe will be a much more active pattern-- one that could include much more snow and cold weather for North America, including us here in Minnesota.

I won't bore you with all the science (you can read all about it it HERE), but when you combine this new development along with the La Nina pattern already in place this season (which various forecasters called back in September-- read more HERE), it looks like we could be seeing a lot more of the colder weather and white stuff in the coming weeks. Which I'm actually okay with-- for now. I'd much rather have snow and cold in January and February, instead of in March and April, am I right?

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