While we do have a lot of wildlife here in Minnesota, mountain lions are not usually among our native species. But a couple of them are calling Minnesota home.


Wolves, check. Coyotes, sure. Even moose? Yeah, we have all of those animals here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, right? But mountain lions? Probably not so much.

Except for THESE incredibly cute mountain lion cubs. They're now proud residents of the Bold North-- at the Como Zoo up in St. Paul. The cute cubs were both orphaned at different locations out in northern California and were deemed too young to be left alone out in the wild.

That's where the animal lovers in Minnesota stepped in. According to the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, the two cubs, who are between 8 to 12 weeks old, were rescued by the California Department of Wildlife. They were being cared for by wildlife officials, and were living at the Oakland Zoo.

However, because they've been dealing with a rash of mountain lion cubs in California, officials there were looking for another permanent home for the two cubs. Which is why these two cuties are now here in Minnesota. “Although it is heartbreaking circumstances that brought us these beautiful cats, we are happy to be able to provide a home, the care, and support that these animals will need to thrive as individuals and as a species”, Michelle Furrer, Director of Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, said on their website.

They arrived here in Minnesota last Tuesday, and have been named Ruby and Jasper. They'll be available to see at the Zoo in early December, after going through a 30-day quarantine period. You can check out their story in the video below. Too cute!

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