The Minnesota State High School League met today and announced that they will allow teams, if agreed upon, to play two five-inning games, in a doubleheader.

You can find the full release here from the MSHSL, who quickly came up with the solution after the terrible field conditions from this extended winter.

Here is a quick breakdown:

  • By mutual agreement of the schools, two member schools may agree to play two 5 inning games in a doubleheader format, or as currently available, doubleheaders may be played with the first game lasting 7 innings and the second game lasting 5 innings or until a “regulation game” is completed
  • Single games must still be played under the NFHS rules requiring 7 inning games or until a “regulation game” is completed.
  • Appropriate application of the rules regarding “regulation game” and “suspended game” is required. To review these rules, please see the softball and baseball activity pages in the online Rules and Policy Manual.

Essentially, teams can play 10 total innings instead of 12, which saves arms and keeps games shorter so they can fit more games into the schedule. This is a good move by the MSHSL because the last you want is kids throwing too many pitches and getting hurt, or team trying to fit in every game in a span of a couple weeks.

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