It's Music Monday! Each week, I share something that I am currently listening to and think that you might enjoy. It might be a new release by an artist or band that you already know, it could be something from deep in the archives, or it could be something I have just discovered. Stop in each week to see what is being featured.

01/16/17: This week's featured Music Monday is "Babylon Rockets" by Gemini Five. Originally from Stockhom, Sweden the group is made up of Stephan "Tin Star" Molander on lead vocals and guitar, Rod "Hot Rod" Teilman on bass guitar, Tom "Snoopy" Wouda on guitar, and Pete "Slim Pete" on drums. The group started in 2001, and has released three albums. If you enjoy this song, make sure to check out more music by Gemini Five including "When the Body Speaks" and "Get It Off."

Thanks for checking out this week's Music Monday! Stop back next week and every Monday for more music to love!

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