It's Music Monday! Each week I feature something that I am currently listening to and think that you might also enjoy. It could be a tried and true favorite that you have heard a hundred times, it could be a new release from an artist you already know, or it could be something I have just discovered. Check in each week to see what is being featured. 

07/11/16: This week's featured song is "Swing Street" by Steve Porcaro. Born in Connecticut in 1957, Porcaro is a composer, keyboardist, session musician, and is probably best known as one of the original members of the Grammy Award-winning band Toto. Porcaro parted with Toto in 1986 to pursue other interests but remained connected with the band and worked with Michael Jackson, Don Henley, Elton John and more and well as working on film scores. He recently released his first solo album titled "Someday/Somehow," which has 13 tracks. If you enjoy this song, make sure to check out more music by Steve Porcaro, including "Ready or Not," "Back to You," or from his Toto days, "Rosanna."

Thanks for checking out this week's Music Monday, check back next week for more music to love.

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