A video that was Tweeted out yesterday afternoon by a Minneapolis man has gone viral after it turns out the mystery liquid was bodily fluids from a dead body located in the apartment above. The dead man according to the tweet had been deceased for two weeks before being found.

Twitter user @piggyazalea tweeted out the video on Tuesday afternoon of a mysterious substance running down their apartment wall. The video has been viewed more than 1.8 million times since it was posted to Twitter.

Another apparent apartment resident tweeted that in the days before the liquid started to drip down into the apartment below, a maintenance man was in that apartment and noted that it smelled 'awful'.  

Minneapolis police confirmed to BringMeTheNews.com that there was, in fact, a body found in the apartment above Twitter user @piggyazalea. The cause of death did not seem suspicious to Minneapolis police. The identity of the deceased person will be released at a later time.

It's just another good reason for people to check in on and stay in contact with friends and family who may live alone.

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