I love onion rings, which makes today extra special because it's National Onion Rings Day. The best way to celebrate this day is to take that special person in your life or, heck, just anyone, out for a nice basket or plate of your favorite onion rings. For me, the flakier the batter the better.

Kelly K-Rage picked up a combo basket of onion rings and cheese curds the other night when we were partying at the Medford Muni's Street Dance during Straight River Days. To be honest, I enjoyed and ate more of the onion rings than the cheese curds. These rings had just the right balance of flaky crust and they were perfectly cooked in the fryer. They really hit the spot and now that I'm writing about them I'm getting a craving for them.

According to NationalDayCalendar.com, the origin of these delicious appetizers is unknown, although a recipe for an early version appears in a cookbook as early as 1802.

If onion rings aren't your thing, it's also National Chocolate Eclair Day. If that sweet treat doesn't trip your trigger, then let's do a complete 180 and you celebrate National HVAC Tech Day honoring the unsung heroes of heating, ventilation and, especially this time of year, air conditioning. Hail to the HVAC Techs of the world!

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