As a way to promote their latest release which is a pineapple lemonade flavored beer, Natural Light, the creators of Naturdays, is offering up the opportunity to Spring Break in style with your own private island with 5 of your friends. All you have to do is head online and tag some friends.

According to a press release from Natural Light they want "to send you and your crew to a tropical deserted island for the sickest – and most socially distanced - Spring Break of the year (or any year). Enter by tagging 5 members of your cabana crew and use #Naturdays and #Sweepstakes, and Natty could be sending you and your buds to live out your castaway dreams, Natty-style - that means sun, sand, and fun. '

How do you enter to win a chance at some private island time? Just tag the 5 friends you want to join you in Natural Light’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter post using #Naturdays and #Sweepstakes. It's pretty simple. The contest ends by the way on March 14, so there isn't a lot of time to waste if you want a trip you'll definitely remember.

On top of the island getaway, the latest flavor of Naturday beer, the pineapple lemonade flavor offers up "the perfect balance of pineapple and lemonade flavor." I've had the original Naturday beer, a strawberry lemonade beer, that is actually pretty good. It's the official beer of warmer weather in our neighborhood.

I saw the bright yellow packages of the new Naturday flavor in the beer cooler at Hy-Vee in Faribault, I plan on picking up a 6-pack this weekend and will let you know how it is next week. The new flavor according to the press release comes in "12 oz 30, 24, and 12 packs, and 16 oz 6 packs."

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