According to reports, the NCAA has made new rules when it comes to student-athletes transferring schools. Collegiate athletes will no longer have to sit out a year when transferring to another school.

See the Twitter post from @FieldYates with the news below.

The rule has been a massive deterrent for college athletes to transfer to a different school, as many were not willing to sit out a year of athletics to play for another program. It has also halted players from transferring schools for more personal reasons, like being closer to family.

This rule change will allow for student-athletes to be more fluid in their careers and put themselves in the best possible position to succeed.

Twitter users expressed their pleasure as well as their concerns with the change on social media. See some reactions below.

Whatever the effect this has on collegiate sports in the long run, I know that for now this is a positive move for student-athletes across the country.

Now, we await the NCAA move to begin compensating student-athletes for everything they contribute to these institutions.

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