I enjoy reading books. I'm talking about actual books filled with pages of paper with words printed in ink on them. I like the way a book feels and sounds as you physically turn the pages. I buy a lot of my books at a store in Apple Valley that sells their books at half price and always enjoy finding a long sought-after book in hardcover when I'm shopping there. They also have two other antiquated forms of entertainment that I still enjoy - record albums and compact discs. I know, it's like I'm from the Stone Age or something. Anyway back to the gist of this story which is, I recently finished reading Stephen King's Revival.

This story centers on two people whose lives are intertwined through the years after Jamie Morton, as a young boy, is befriended by Reverend Jacobs, the new minister for his family's church. Raised in a very religious family and community, Jamie grows closer to Jacobs, as do most of the children of their church. The reverend has a passion for electricity that he shares with the children in their weekly meetings. When Jacobs' wife and son are killed in a tragic car accident, he denounces God and religion in front of his congregation and is essentially run out of town. But that's not the last young Jamie sees of the good reverend as their paths cross over the years and he is slowly drawn into his all-consuming plans to find out what's on the other side of death by channeling what Jacobs refers to as the "secret electricity."

I found this to be a good story that moved along at a good pace with several references to other King books, especially allusions to the Dark Tower books.

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