Neil Young has announced a new album with Crazy Horse, World Record.

Set for release on Nov. 18, World Record is Young's 42nd album and 15th with his longtime backing band Crazy Horse. The album was co-produced by Young and Rick Rubin.

According to a press release, World Record finds Young as he "reminisces with gratitude about the gifts the Earth has given him and sets his sights on an uncertain future with hope that we can right this big, blue and green ship."

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A complete track listing can be seen below along with the album's first single, "Love Earth."

In July 2022, Young announced that World Record had been completed. "Now, with this recording, something special is happening and we know we have a good one," he wrote on his website at the time, adding that it would be a few months before the album could be properly released in vinyl format. "Listeners want vinyl for its quality and it’s worth waiting for."

World Record, like many other Young albums with Crazy Horse, was recorded live. It was then mixed to analog tape at Rubin's California studio, Shangri-La. To "optimize audio quality," the vinyl edition of World Record will be released as a three-sided double album, with an etching on the fourth side. Additionally, there will be a limited-edition clear vinyl version of the record, available via select independent retailers. World Record will also be released on cassette and double CD, plus multiple digital platforms, including Amazon, Apple and Qobuz.

In July, Young noted that, despite working with the same band, World Record is "unlike" his last album, 2021's Barn. "Real magic lasts," he said, "and we think we have it."

Neil Young With Crazy Horse, 'World Record' Track Listing
1. "Love Earth"
2. "Overhead"
3. "I Walk With You (earth ringtone)"
4. "This Old Planet (changing days)"
5. "The World (is in trouble now)"
6. "Break the Chain"
7. "The Long Day Before"
8. "Walkin’ on the Road (to the future)"
9. "The Wonder Won’t Wait"
10. "Chevrolet"
11. "This Old Planet reprise"

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