This footage is truly terrifying... in a matter of seconds, everything changes.

Nearly a month later, and we're still talking about the string of tornadoes that rumbled across Minnesota on September 20. That day, around 15 twisters were reported across the state.

This time, a new video has surfaced of a twister that hit Waterville with 100 mph winds and caused extensive damage throughout the town, including Kamp Dels.

Shared via Kamp Dels' Facebook, the footage caught by a security camera shows a tornado slamming the campground just before the power went out. The storm, which clearly left behind significant damage, forced Kamp Dels to close while crews worked to clear its roads and debris.

Having seen the destruction a tornado can cause firsthand (both my grandparent's and uncle's farms were destroyed by the Comfrey tornadoes back in '98) I can totally relate to what these people are going through.

I'm sure this won't be the last video that surfaces from that fateful day, but I hope it's the last one to show such havoc in such a small community.

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