Well, they say it always gets worse before it gets better. That is the case with the weather this weekend too. Southern Minnesotans can expect to stay below 0 through Tuesday, but then something magical happens. We begin to warm up, and rather quickly too. By next weekend temperatures are predicted to be right around 40 degrees warmer than where they will be this weekend.

This weekend's forecast is calling for our daily high temps to stay below 0, and our nightly lows to bottom out about -25 Sunday night into Monday morning. We get close to that -25 Saturday into Sunday and Monday into Tuesday as well. But on Tuesday of next week, we are supposed to crack the other side of 0 with a high around 4, and then warm through the week. By the time we get to next weekend The Weather Channel and NOAA are thinking we could see daily highs around 30-34 degrees. How nice will that feel?

But in the meantime bundle up and stay warm, we are about to enter into a period of cold air that we haven't seen since 2019, when we stayed below 0 from January 29th until 5 am February 1st, according to the NOAA Climate Journal.

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When it's as cold as it's going to be without wind it's dangerous, but even just a little wind makes things worse, with windchills pushing the feels-like to -25 to -35 you can get frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 10 minutes. Make sure you've got a hat, gloves, and probably warm boots if you plan on trekking out this weekend. Another good thing to have in your car is a winter survival kit with a blanket, some bottles of water, and a few granola bars to keep you fed in case something were to happen, or while you wait for a jump if your battery dies.

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