Now that we know which artists and groups have been nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's class of 2017, we turn our attention to the individual members of those bands who are being left behind.

Each year, the Hall of Fame is tasked with deciding whose contributions to a nominated group should be honored ... and whose are left to the dustbin of history. For example, current Journey singer Arnel Pineda is not among the members of the group who will be honored if the group is inducted.

(To see which individual band members are slated for induction as part of each band, follow these three steps: 1) Visit the "Fan Vote" page on the Rock Hall's site. 2) click on the "biography" link for each artist. 3) Click on the "Full Biography" link at the bottom of that initial biography. For example, here's ELO's page. The names listed under "members" at the top of that page are the people up for induction as part of each group.)

This is how some fans found themselves in pitched arguments over the relative importance of Vince Welnick in the history of the Grateful Dead. The issue rose to top-level consciousness when Kiss' recent edition refused to perform after their induction because the list of honorees included only the band's four original members.

We can already see how controversy might be stoked this time around by, say, the long-hoped-for induction of Yes when Peter Banks, their late original guitarist, won't be included on the induction list. Then there's Pearl Jam, an expected shoo-in. They would enter the hall without drummer Dave Abbruzzese, who appeared on two of their most popular albums.

Speaking of Welnick, what of longtime modern-era members like, say, Chris Chaney of Jane's Addiction or Billy Sherwood, now in his second stint with Yes? Gene Simmons made the argument that the tenures of latter-day members matter too, since they help keep a brand going. Should they be summarily included when their group enters the Hall?

You decide. Some of the most familiar missing names find a home in the above gallery of No Hall of Fame for You: 19 Artists Left Out of Their Band’s 2017 Nominations.

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