Like many places and businesses, Delta Airlines has asked that passengers comply to their request to wear a mask when traveling with the airline. Those who do not, could be banned from flying with Delta.

"We take the requirement to wear a mask very seriously. Customers who choose not to comply with this or any other safety requirement risk losing their future flight privileges with Delta." - Ed Bastian, Delta Airlines CEO


According to CNBC, Bastian made the comment's in a staff note on Thursday. "So far, there have thankfully only been a handful of cases, but we have already banned some passengers from future travel on Delta for refusing to wear masks on board.”

Since wearing a mask is not federally mandated, one can not be forced to wear a mask, and Bastian understands that. But, since Delta is a private business, they could ban one from flying with Delta for not following their request. The length of the ban is unknown, it is not certain if it would be a permanent, a year or even shorter. According to reports, one passenger was removed from New York's LaGuardia Airport and has been temporarily banned from traveling with American Airlines for not wearing a mask.

Delta, is not the only airline asking requiring a mask to be worn by passengers or employees. American Airlines, Southwest and United Airlines have also put this requirement in place when traveling with their airline.

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