It was quite disappointing to learn that the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics of Minnesota was not going to return to Owatonna. We have been there every year it was offered, and my daughter went "freezin for a reason" each year, the first time when she was only 10. That makes this year the 5th year she has done the Polar Plunge, and she just loves it.

This year we are making the trek over to Rochester, for their Polar Plunge, this weekend. She's been fundraising, as you need a minimum of $75 raised in order to take the Plunge, and she's getting psyched out. Highs this weekend are not going to be above freezing, as they have been in the past couple of years, so those jumpers are really going to battling the cold. They have more nerve than I do, there is no way I could see myself jumping into a lake, in the Winter, in Minnesota.

The monies raised by the Polar Plunge, statewide, go to support the over 8,200 athletes registered with Minnesota Special Olympics, and brings opportunity and inclusion. No matter how small the donation, it all goes towards some of the following:

  • $2.50 Provides a first place athlete with a gold medal at an SOMN competition.
  • $5.00 Provides a meal to an athlete at an SOMN competition.
  • $10 Provides a hearing screening and hearing aids to an SOMN athlete.
  • $15 Provides a non-invasive dental screening, hygiene education, toothbrush, toothpaste and mouth guard to an SOMN athlete.
  • $20 Provides physical therapy screening and stretch/exercise coaching to an SOMN athlete.
  • $60 Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses to 2 SOMN athletes.

My daughter has signed up with the Owatonna Area Special Olympics Team, and with revenue sharing, the Owatonna delegation gets to keep 50% of the pledges made online. This money is used to pay for equipment, registration fees for State competitions, and uniforms for the athletes. You can see even more by going to the Plunge site, here. There is more information on where the donations/pledges go, and you can see where all of the Plunges are in the State.

You can see pictures from the Plunges here in Owatonna from the past couple of years by following these links. The 2018 Plunge pictures here.  Video of 2018 plunge here. And the 2017 Plunge is here.

Melissa Hall/Townsquare Media

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