Happy belated mother's day! It's unbelievable as to how much our mothers do for us. I'm 33 and my mom will still call me on a regular basis to check-in and to see how we are doing in life. One Northfield mom has stepped up not only for her kids, but an entire senior class with her inventive approach to celebrating the class of 2020. It's an adopt-a-senior program. 

The program is a Minnesota take on other adopt-a-senior programs that have sprung up across the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a FOX-9 KMSP report last night, Bernadette Johnson, created a Facebook page for Northfield parents to nominate a senior to be adopted.

According to KMSP-TV's report "Northfield parents post to the Facebook page nominating their graduating senior and someone in the community becomes almost like their secret Santa."

Some seniors have been 'adopted' by individuals, others have been adopted by businesses. I scrolled through the Facebook page, and it was really touching to see so many people jumping in and really being community-driven when it comes to celebrating the class of 2020.

I searched for a Faribault adopt-a-senior page but came up empty, is anyone doing something like this for Faribault, BA, Owatonna, or Medford?

You can watch the full FOX-9 KMSP-TV report from last night below.

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