Well, that was fun! The neighborhood was abuzz Saturday night and Sunday morning with the sounds of snowblowers, shovels, and snowmobiles. While all this snow is fun, brace yourself as we take the plunge, well, the thermometer will be doing the plunging this week. 

Significant snow is not in the forecast for next week. But, the week ahead is expected to be cooler than normal, and also drier and less windy after Sunday. As for just how cool it will be, the National Weather Service says the high in the Faribault area will be 24 on Monday but will drop to just 18 by Friday.

The lows will start out at 18 tonight, before gradually falling to 0 by Thursday night/Friday morning. Good news for ice fishermen, as the cold air should help to thicken area lake ice in time for the holiday season.


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