Carlie Wagner eventually understood her role for NRHEG basketball. Score points. Lots of them. Wagner had her number 3 jersey retired by the Panthers Friday night in recognition for her accomplishments as a prep player and beyond. She became Minnesota's second-leading girls scorer in state history while leading NRHEG to back-to-back state titles in 2013 and 2014. The topic of playing your role came up several times during the ceremony.

Wagner said that head coach John Schultz did a great job of getting that message to the players on the "dynasty" he created. Listen to an interview with Wanger by clicking on the link below. When Schultz addressed the crowded gym, he said he had to threaten to take Wagner out early in her career if she didn't shoot more. Wagner had an enormous number of assists in addition to her record-setting point totals.



Long lists of team and individual records were recited during the introduction of the players. Winning streaks, points, assists, rebounds, three-pointers, pick your category and the Panthers set some sort of record in it. The Panthers reeled off 61 straight wins at one point, the second-longest streak in state history for a girls' basketball team. Schultz was proud of the rebounding stats and records the teams amassed.

NRHEG went 139-13 with Wagner in the lineup, which started while she was an eighth-grader. She is the highest scoring girl in state tournament history and has the high individual game record with 50 in the title game in 2013.

Wagner went on to star with the Gophers and get drafted by the Minnesota Lynx in spring 2018. Wagner went to Spain to play but is back home to rehab her knee and get stronger.

Most players from the state title campaigns were in attendance on Friday, including Katie Cole, Abby Crabtree, Hannah Lundberg, Paige Overgaard, Jade Schultz, Carlie Wagner, Anna Stork, Jade Peterson, Ryann Hagen, Kayley Camerer, Gretchen Ramaker, Maddie Wagner, Marnie Wagner, student managers Sidney Schultz and Annie Prigge and coaches John Schultz, Grant Berg, Sam Lundberg and Onika Peterson. Players Kelly Harrington and Raelin Schue were not able to attend.

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