Make sure those pools are filled, you've got plenty of ice on hand, and sunscreen. The National Weather Service this morning sent out their latest situational report which states that they feel the heatwave we are experiencing currently will continue through the middle of next week.

The report states, "this early-season heatwave will continue through at least the middle of next week with highs in the 90s through Friday, after that, above-normal temperatures are favored next weekend through mid-June across the Midwest."

Image Credit NWS Climate Prediction Center

Anyone who has been outside over the last few days has felt the effects of the heat and sun as it seemingly zaps you of energy in minutes. If you are thinking that this seems early for this type of weather, you'd be right. The NWS Twin Cities tweeted out that this was earliest stretch of 7 straight days of 90+* weather.

NWS is predicting a 60%
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