I don't understand how your average person keeps falling for the gift card scams, but they are. If you're older and easily confused, I totally get it. But young people are being scammed, too. How often do we have to say, "No collection agency, no government agency, no honest business will ask you to pay a fine, fee, or ANYTHING with a gift card!" Sheriff Keven Torgerson explains the scams and how to handle 'em.


The newer scam is someone calling you say you missed your jury duty and there's a warrant for your arrest. The old school scam that's back again is a fake call from the IRS, saying you owe money. Sometimes it's about getting you to get them gift cards to pay off the debt, others it's about going to a Western Union Wire Station and literally wire them money.

In both cases, don't fall for it. You won't get calls about missing jury duty (law enforcement will just show up at your home), and you won't get calls from the IRS. They send letters. Very official and scary looking letters.

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