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We all knew deep down that once businesses were told to close due to COVID-19 that not all of them would survive to re-open. What's disappointing is we are seeing these closures in small towns across Minnesota, and the town of Hope was hit recently as Spurgy's Bar & Grill just closed its doors for good April 17th.

According to a Facebook post, Friday, April 17th was the last day of operation for Spurgy's in Hope.

"With the aftermath of the coronavirus we are sad to announce that last night Friday April 17th was our last day. It was a hard emotional night last night closing after that last meal went out." - Spurgy's Bar and Grill

The post goes on to say that the business had been around for 9 years, and had slowly grown with the catering side of the bar and grill.

"9 years of hard work, great times (and some not so great times) we met so many great people....

We stand proud of what we accomplished. We grew the business, started a catering business that started with 2 weddings our first year to doing 18 last summer.
We appreciate all the support the last few weeks.

We had the best coworkers that a person could hope for. Truly our extended family." - Spurgy's Bar and Grill

With the closure of Spurgy's all that remains in Hope as far as places to grab a bite and a beer is Finch's Pub.

Remember to support our local businesses as much as possible, buy gift cards, get meals, these small businesses are a fabric that defines our local communities.

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