Living Greens Farm's founder, president, and chairman Dana Anderson is the brains behind one of the largest indoor farms in the world. And as it turns out, it's located right here in Faribault! To keep this huge production running, Anderson utilizes a computer system to control different aspects of the farming process such as light, CO2, humidity, and temperature. All of that combined with aeroponics is what makes Living Greens Farm so successful! For those of you that don't know, aeroponics is when you grow plants upside down and, instead of planting the roots in soil, they are sprayed with a nutrient-rich solution. Aeroponics was by no means invented by Anderson, but he did invent and patent the vertical growing and traversing misting systems which is a super efficient way of farming. Kind of reminds me of a Miracle-Gro AeroGarden. According to Anderson in his interview with Twin Cities Business, it's "the fastest way to grow plants." Living Greens Farm recently expanded and they have even more room to grow in the future. Currently the farm's greens are being sold in Lunds & Byerlys, some Cub Foods and Hy-vee stores, Fresh Thyme, as well as other food co-ops.

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