If you've traveled I-35 north of Faribault, past the Highway 19 exit and look to the West you may have noticed a bright blue barn. The barn for a period of time had a message thanking farmers on it, and now it is sporting a new message, that for drivers, heading to work as essential employees, hopefully, gives them some inspiration. That message on the blue barn is a simple one. It simply says 'HOPE'. 

My wife and I were heading up to the North metro recently when I looked to my left at the brightly painted barn when I saw it had a new sign on it, facing the interstate. I smiled when I read the simple message painted onto the new sign, and asked my wife if she noticed the newest addition. She indicated she missed it.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

On our way back last night, I made sure to remind her after we passed the exit for Elko-New Market to keep her eyes open for the blue barn. As we drove by heading South, I heard my wife suck in a breath and then she reached for my right hand. It was then I knew she saw the sign and it too touched her. For something so simple like a sign that reads 'HOPE' to make that much of a difference in our lives surely must be making an impact in others as they drive to and from work.

To the owners of the barn, thank you for your simple but effective message.

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