It was one year ago today that various mayors of cities in Minnesota declared it to be Arik Matson day. It was also noted by Fox 9 in the Twin Cities that a resolution in the state Senate was to have been made declaring it "Arik Matson Day" across Minnesota.

Today's date, Feb 22, also written as 2/22 is the same as Matson's badge number 222 with the Waseca Police Department. I'm all for making this date, February 22, a day in which Minnesota honors all law enforcement and first responders, each year.

On this date last year, the Mayor of Waseca Roy Srp and Albert Lea Mayor Vern Rasmussen Jr. declared today to be Arik Matson Day in their respective communities. The idea of having an Arik Matson Day is credited to Arik's uncle Gary Langerud of Winona.

So why not make February 22, Law Enforcement/Frist Responder's appreciation day each year in Minnesota? It's a way to recognize those in these professions for everything they do to make our communities safe.

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Back in January of this year, Senator Jeremy Miller introduced a new bill that would strengthen state criminal penalties against individuals who are convicted of attempted first-degree murder of a police officer, judge, prosecutor, or correctional officer.

The bill is co-authored by Senators Jasinski, Dornink, Hoffman, and Rosen along with Miller. Currently, the bill has been referred to the Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy committee. 

The Senate version of the bill has a house companion HF 185, it currently has been referred to the Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform Finance Policy Committee.

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