You really can't make this kind of stuff up. It's really only something that seems to happen in Minnesota. A bear was stuck in a sewer in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota. The police received a phone call on June 27 that a bear was in a sewer. Police responded and confirmed that the bear was stuck. They then notified the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources about the situation, because let's face it: that's more of their department.

The ordeal went down in Oak Park Heights which is located in Washington County, just south of Stillwater.

Bring Me The News reported that people originally though it was a large dog sitting underneath the sewer grate. It turns out it was a medium sized bear. Crews removed some sewer grates and flushed the bear out using some water. It took off without incident into nearby woods.

Oak Park Heights Police Facebook
Oak Park Heights Police Facebook

The Oak Park Heights Police updated their message to warn people that the bear might still be in the area. They told people to not approach the bear if they see it and to also keep an eye on pets and bird feeders that could attract the bear.

Bears can be a nuisance and sometimes dangerous. They usually tend to stay away from humans, but as we know around here they love garbage cans, bird feeders, campers picnic baskets, and anything sweet. Every year we have bears find their way into towns. This brings back the memory when we had a bear in the tree above the courthouse in Downtown Duluth a few years back. Our sister station Mix108 did their best to coax the bear down.

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