Dave Evans, who was AC/DC's first lead singer before the late Bon Scott, has released a new solo single titled "Who's Gonna Rock Me?" The blues-tinged, mid-tempo rock number, which emerged on Monday (Aug. 16), provides a showcase for the now 68-year-old rocker.

Backing Evans on the song is a band including Bad Boy Troy on lead guitar, Gary Partin on bass guitar and second lead guitar, Wasim Balzaar on drums and Martin Gilardi on keyboards and rhythm guitar.

Listen to "Who's Gonna Rock Me?" and read the song's lyrics down toward the bottom of this post.

In a February interview with The Rocker Diaries, Evans recalled his time in AC/DC in 1973–1974 and was asked if he ever thought about returning to the group following Scott's 1980 death, before Scott was replaced with singer Brian Johnson.

"We were always ambitious when we first started," remembered Evans, who only appears on AC/DC's very first single. "We always wanted to be the best in the world — all of us. And after me, Bon Scott got his chance. He did great with the band. And when he died, I just thought, 'Who are they gonna get?' I never thought [that I would be approached about rejoining] myself, because that's water under the bridge. And I was busy with bands as well at the time, and doing my own music and recording." [via Blabbermouth]

Still, he added of the impetus behind the Australian rock legends, "The drive was always [AC/DC guitarist] Malcolm Young. I remember Malcolm when I first met him. He was such a driving force."

Visit Evans' official website at daveevansrocks.com.

Dave Evans, "Who's Gonna Rock Me?"

Dave Evans, "Who's Gonna Rock Me?" Lyrics

The ticket line is jumping
The show's sold out
I take a peep to see the dancers twist
I hear them scream and shout

They want a show and they want me to do
Every song that I ever knew
But now, who's gonna rock me
When I'm through rocking you

The Stratocaster's wailing
The music's loud
Every drop of blood and sweat in my heart
I give to the crowd

They give it back
Every one of them do
But still I ask when the music's through
Who's gonna rock me
When I'm through rocking you

And after rocking the show
If I've got anything left
I hit the showers
And then I need some rocking myself

Well, the show's been a blast
I play my finale
I want to thank my fans
In the peanut gallery
The ticket sellers
The girls and the crew
The muscle men in security blue

But now, who's gonna rock me
When I'm through rocking you
Now tell me, who's gonna rock me
When I'm through rocking you, you

I'm looking at you
What about you, you
Hey baby, you

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