It was a wild weekend at Crystal Beach.

As usual, the annual Go Topless Jeep Weekend brought in a huge crowd at Crystal Beach, located on Bolivar Peninsula. Also, as usual, the crowd was rowdy as hell.

WFAA reports that over 100 people were arrested and just under 40 people were sent to the hospital during the gathering. Among those taken to the hospital, 8 had to be airlifted and another 30 were taken by ambulance.

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A Galveston County deputy was among those who were airlifted to the hospital. The deputy, identified as Sgt. John Hamm, was hit by a suspected drunk driver while responding to a crash around 1:30 am. As a result, Hamm sustained two broken legs, a head injury, and an injury to his arm. The suspect in the crash, 22-year-old Darius Danzell Gilbert, has been arrested.

While the Go Topless Jeep Weekend typically brings in large crowds, this year’s event brought in an even bigger crowd than usual, according to the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

Pictures and video from the event show hundreds of jeeps and other vehicles lined up along Crystal Beach.

Even though the Sheriff’s Office had prepared for the event for months, the department had to reach out to outside agencies for help.

There’s no word as to the condition of the 38 individuals who were taken to the hospital.

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