With the fishing opener is this weekend across the State of Minnesota. The Minnesota Muskie Alliance shared a video of over 200,000 muskies that are ready to get stocked into Minnesota waters.

I have never been one to go Muskie Fishing, and it is not because I don't enjoy it, it was just never something we did as a family. I was never sure how many Musikes are stocked a year in Minnesota waters, but as you can see in the video from The Minnesota Muskie Alliance's Facebook page that there are 230,000 muskies ready to go.

Not only are there over 200,000 muskies ready to go, but there are also 40 million walleye. Now it doesn't say if the walleye are being stocked or not, but just seeing the 40 million walleye is pretty incredible.

If you are headed out to fish this weekend, be careful and have some fun. The water is still very cold and everyone is just looking to have a good time.

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