During last night's Owatonna City Council Meeting a roundabout was approved for the intersection of 18th Street SE and CSAH 48, otherwise known as Bixby Road in Owatonna. The roundabout is being put in as a way to control traffic at an intersection that will begin to see much more local traffic once the new Owatonna High School is built nearby.

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According to the City Council agenda from last night, the upcoming roundabout "is a joint project between the City of Owatonna and Steele County. Construction is expected to take place in 2022."

The City of Owatonna has applied for grant funding for the project, which according to the City of Owatonna "the amount of the grant has yet to be determined, but will not exceed either $1,250,000 nor 80% of the project’s final construction costs."

The roundabout will be going in at the intersection of 18th Street SE and Bixby Road, which will be near the new Owatonna High School.

Another roundabout that was planned for discussion at the council meeting that is planned for the intersection of 26th Street and State Ave was put on hold for further discussion from staff.

In other Owatonna traffic news, the traffic signal at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Main Street will be removed and replaced with a 4-way stop sign-controlled intersection. According to the City of Owatonna, "on December 24, 2020, a plow truck damaged one of the signal poles at the northeast corner of the intersection. A quote to repair the pole came in at just short of $10,000. Both Steele County and the City of Owatonna are recommending the signal be removed instead of repaired."

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