Owatonna Police recently arrested a man twice over two days for violations of the same protection order. Police reported to an apartment on a Saturday night on a call from a concerned citizen, according to the department's Just the Facts newsletter. Officers "heard noises within (the apartment). After several attempts, a female, the protected person in the order, answered the door."

She eventually admitted the male subject of the protection order was inside. "Officers located the male hiding in the bathroom. After a brief amount of resistance, the male was arrested and jailed. Jesus Ortiz III, age 33, of Owatonna was charged with Violating an Order for Protection."

Ortiz was released the next day and allegedly sent an email to the same victim requesting the protection order be dropped. "Officers went to an address to arrest Ortiz a second time. As officers were knocking on the front door, Ortiz tried slipping out the back and into the waiting arms of an officer." Ortiz faces additional charges of violating the protection order.

It's not the first time in recent weeks that Owatonna Police have nabbed suspects trying to elude them. In another Just the Facts report posted on KRFOradio.com, officers found a fugitive hiding in a box in his basement in Owatonna.


Owatonna police report "an uptick of late of thefts at these (construction) sites, with both tools and materials being stolen. Our officers are patrolling these areas frequently at night, resulting in a late-night warrant arrest of an individual leaving a site earlier this week. However, we also see opportunity...officers noted several unsecured sites with tools accessible to a would-be prowler."

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