We have all seen the lip sync challenges that have swept the nation, police and sheriff departments having fun on the job, and showcasing their special talents. Well, step back because the Owatonna School District has their own video now, welcoming students back to school, with the assistance of the district staff and administrators.

Superintendent Jeff Elstad sure knows how to get his staff excited about the beginning of the school year. Several members of the district were in his video, and I recognized a few of them. Justin Kiel, Principal of McKinley School, Jim Kiefer, Principal of the ALC, Bob Olson, Director of Buildings and Grounds all made an appearance. I also recognized a couple of the students who were involved.

This is one school district who loves what they do, and you can tell. How many other districts out there have done this? In the area? This makes me wish I was still in school!

Enjoy the back to school video here.

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