For many Minnesotans, the rivers and lakes our great state is blessed with serve not only as beautiful scenery, but also as a key destination for recreation, whether that be fishing, sailing, water skiing, conservation, swimming, pulling out the canoe or enjoying it in another way.

While looking around YouTube for videos pertaining to Faribault, I stumbled upon this video showcasing one of our area's natural treasures, the Cannon River. The nearly eight-minute video is nothing short of tranquil to watch and gives a perspective of the Cannon River you may not have seen before.

The paddle boat starts its journey at the Two Rivers Park Canoe Landing in Faribault. Along the journey, you'll see some wildlife, including geese, turtles, a hawk and a deer. For the first eight miles, there are limestone cliffs among the trees. There are no large rapids along the path, but there are some tree trunks that paddlers should be aware of. Near the end of the journey lies the old Archibald Mill in Dundas. The journey ends just shy of 14 miles later in Dundas at the Highway 1 Canoe Landing.

The review suggests that this would be a good route for a beginner to take. To see pictures and video from other river adventures, visit the website that created the Cannon River video at

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