A parody Facebook account for the small southern Minnesota town of Sanborn (pop. 340) has gone viral...and erupted a small Facebook war.

It started with a post about plowing the city streets Friday night:

By Monday, the post has taken on a life of its own with nearly 300 comments and over 4k shares. Bring Me the News reports that as of 11am Friday morning the parody page had only 140 Likes. By Monday afternoon it's reached nearly 5,200 Likes -- nearly 5,000 more than the city's official Facebook page!

For all of the post's hilarity, it's created a bit of a firestorm on the parody account's page. Some local residents have not been impressed.

"Very professional NOT" one woman named Gwen commented. Another woman named Mary -- a "respected member of our community" -- received some fierce backlash for her comment "Sick of this 'FAKE' website." Her commented has generated a whole slough of comments, mostly mocking her and pointing out that the Facebook page is a parody account. Additionally, a man named Paul Madison has been banned from leaving comments for "being a childish d***."

Some good has also come of the account, though. After hitting 5K Likes, the City of Sanborn, MN parody page announced that they'd partnered with a local press company to print t-shirts with a portion of proceeds going back to support local causes like the Sanford Fire Department and First Responders.

For the record, apparently nine people did not move their vehicles and got plowed in!

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