I'm sure once upon a time I knew there was a global helium shortage but I had since forgotten until yesterday! Amid this helium shortage, Party City has announced that they'll be closing 45 locations.

Party City's CEO James Harrison told KARE 11 that they typically only close 10-15 stores in a year but "decided more closings were needed to 'focus on the most profitable locations and improve the overall health of our store portfolio.'” According to Harrison, the store closings are not directly related to the helium shortage, but he did admit that the helium situation has negatively impacted balloon sales.

Yesterday I was actually at a Party City getting ballons for a party for my husband's birthday and they told me I could only get two balloons filled with helium because of this shortage. Good thing I was only buying two anyway!

The worst part about all of this, in my opinion, isn't the fact that Party City is closing a lot of stores but the fact that this helium shortage is hurting the medical industry too. Helium is used in MRI machines. Those are just a little important.

Right now we don't know which of Party City's 870 locations will be closing.

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