I thought for sure when I showed Paul this product for Carly's Curious Cabinet today that he would have never heard of this before, but I was wrong! Apparently, his dad used to use this!

What product made Carly's Curious Cabinet but was also legitimately used by Paul's dad?

Credit: Kleinert's via Amazon
Credit: Kleinert's via Amazon

Underarm Sweat Pads!

Don't get me wrong, I see the benefit of these but also I think this would be really uncomfortable! Not just uncomfortable for you and your armpit but also uncomfortable because if you put it on wrong wouldn't other people be able to see it? Regardless, Paul's dad still used them! He also would forget to take them out of his shirts and Paul's mom would find them in the wash later. GROSS!

If you missed it, take a listen to Carly's Curious Cabinet from this morning where we talked about it:

Also, I really need to know what you all think of these underarm sweat pads. Do you think they're gross or useful?

Check out the Amazon listing HERE and other products sold by Kleinert's HERE!


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