16-year-old Frankie Ruggeri of New York made a petition on Change.org to move the Super Bowl to Saturday instead of it being on Sunday. As of writing this, over 33,000 people have signed this petition.

Frankie's argument for this petition is because if the game is on a Saturday more people will be able to watch since most people have Saturday off of work and kids can watch because they don't have school the next day. Also, Frankie believes that the NFL would make more money if the big game is on a Saturday because more people would be able to travel for the game.

Fun fact, according to CNN, the reason football games were originally broadcasted on Sundays was because of the Sports Broadcasting Act that was passed by Congress in 1961. "The law helped set the NFL broadcasting schedule for Sundays to protect the fans of college and high school football."

Here's the thing, when the Super Bowl comes around Saturday's no longer conflict with high school and college football games, so I don't see why we shouldn't move the big game to Saturday!

What do you think? Will you be signing Frankie's petition?

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