I've lived in Faribault all my life so I've watched the city grow and change quite a bit over the years but despite that you never really see how much your community has evolved over the years until you see pictures from the past.

I was at the Allina Clinic with my Mom the other day and I got to study several pictures that adorn the halls and waiting rooms from a past from before I existed. I'm always fascinated by these snapshots of my town, especially the buildings as they once looked. Seeing these beautiful structures when they were brand new and pristine always piques my curiosity and I even try to make out the other structures in the background, especially if I can't quite put my finger on where a certain building might still exist in Faribault.

It's also fun for me to find pictures of events and gatherings from the past, just to see if I recognize anybody. I've got to be honest though, I probably wouldn't even recognize myself in a group shot let alone anyone else.

Recently some vintage photos popped up on Facebook that I thought I'd share with you. According to the title they're "Retro Pics from 1950-1980 Farib..." and come from the Faribault Park and Recreation archives. There are shots of White Sands Pool, Pet Parades, Ice Skating, Soap Box Derbies, Sports and more. I figured if I enjoyed them you might too. Click on the button to check them out:

Please let me know if you see anyone you recognize.

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