A few weeks ago I was scrolling through my feed, and I came across a post from a friend that featured a pink pineapple. I shrugged it off to being photoshop or some sort of 'fake news', but today I learned pink pineapples are actually real! It's kind of an odd thing at first when you look at a picture of one. The outside looks like a typical pineapple, but when you cut it open it's pink instead of yellow. Want one? There is one sure way to get a pink pineapple, find out how much it will cost you and how you order it one below.


The first thing I thought about with the "pinkglow pineapple", is will it taste the same or different from a typical pineapple? According to the official ordering website, the fruit is "less sour" than a typical pineapple but is also "juicier and sweeter in taste."

The second thing I thought about when I saw the pineapple, was how do they make it pink? Is it injected with a dye? Is it natural? Well, the answer lies in "lycopene", which we already consume when we eat red fruit like tomato or watermelon.

So how do you get a pink pineapple? You can't go to the store and grab one. Only Fresh Del Monte grows them on a farm in Costa Rica and then ships them to you. A pink pineapple will also set you back more than a regular pineapple. One of these pink pineapples will set you back $49!

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