Plainview, MN (KROC AM News) - Two men were arraigned Friday as suspects in the theft of dozens of Christmas presents in Plainview.

Police were notified about the thefts late Christmas Eve evening.

Plainview Police Chief Tim Schneider says the presents were taken from vehicles of residents who had been at family gatherings and were getting ready to go home.

According to the criminal complaint, the patrol officer who responded to the initial calls was soon approached by other victims. A short while later the officer spotted two men who appeared to be getting ready to break into another vehicle. As the officer began talking to them, one of the men was so drunk he fell to the ground. The officer found several stolen presents in the men’s car and more at their apartments.

The man who fell - 50-year-old David Cavazos - was taken to detox after a test showed he had a blood/alcohol level of .32. The other man - 24-year-old Johnny Angel Lopez - was taken to jail after fighting with officers. A woman who was with them was interviewed but not arrested.

The Plainview men are facing felony theft and other charges.

Schneider says it was determined nearly 60 presents had been stolen. He says all were returned to the victims.

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