According to the Star Tribune, police now say that Audrey Lukes, who was the subject of a missing persons report in March, was never really missing.

According to Montgomery police, two weeks after she reported her daughter missing, Tiffany Lukes, the girl's mother, was asked to bring in a photo of Audrey so it could be put out on social media. Because of her lack of response, officer Daniel Siebsen went to the home and obtained the photo.

During the last few days before it came out she was found, Kenyon Police Chief Lee Sjolander even issued a letter to Audrey, talking about the time he was a 13-year-old runaway.

Then on March 23, Audrey contacted the Montgomery police department saying that she was in the Duluth area and that her mother and grandparents were aware of her being there. She said she had been in contact with the family during the prior month and that she had returned home a couple of times to shower and get fresh clothes. She said they went out for ice cream and that she had gotten money from them a couple of times.

Misdemeanor charges were filed in Le Sueur County District court against Tiffany Lukes 61-year-old Linda Lukes and 60-year-old Ron Lukes. They are to appear in court June 21. They face a maximum of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.



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