It's every parent's nightmare on a balcony.

Too often kids will attempt to stick their heads in between the railing and while their head may fit going in when it's time to remove their head from the railing that's when there's a problem.

In this case, a kid stuck their head in between the railing, but when it came time to remove her head, she was stuck.

Twitter via CBS

Her parents called police to assist in removing the little girl and rather than cut the iron railing, they used a device often used to break down doors.

The officers got their battering ram out and were able to pry the railings just enough so that the kid could remove her head from them.

She did not appear to be injured in this mishap, but I suspect that she will never do this again.

Twitter via CBS

Also, we should all use this unfortunate situation for this kid as a reminder to never let your kid stick his or her head in between balcony railings.

I am just glad that the officers here thought quickly and had the strength thee bend the railings just enough to help rescue this kid.

Since the video surfaced, many are very thankful for the quick response by the officers in the video above. Here's what some had to say on social media.

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