Minnesota has so many great places to visit for either a day trip or a longer vacation. One of the most popular places to vacation in Minnesota, if not THE most popular, is the north shore. Every Minnesotan knows that the north shore is beautiful and an awesome place to visit. But it appears not everyone knows about the beauty of that area of our state.

I love taking vacations so I like checking out different lists of "best places to visit" and that sort of thing. I came across this one, of the 31 best unknown places to visit in the US. I laughed when I saw what Minnesota location was on the list.

Yep, you probably guessed it, this travel website, called Via Travelers, said that the north shore is one of the best unknown places to travel in the US. Unknown. Yes, I definitely agree that the north shore is one of the best places to visit. But unknown? Really?

I would argue that most people have at least heard of the north shore, or Duluth, or Lake Superior. Duluth is one of the largest cities in Minnesota and Lake Superior is one of the great lakes. I find it hard to say that the north shore is an "unknown" travel destination.

Other places on the list I actually hadn't heard of, for example, Dewey Beach, Delaware and Solvang, California. However, there are other places that are considered "unknown" that I have heard of, like Devil's Tower, Wyoming and Door County, Wisconsin.

If you're wanting to take a trip up to the north shore, consider staying at this beautiful Airbnb I found! Keep scrolling for pictures.

Find Peace and Serenity in What May be Minnesota's Most Beautiful Airbnb

This tiny home Airbnb in Grand Marais, Minnesota may be the most beautiful Airbnb in the state. The wood is really pretty, all of the windows are awesome, and the views of Lake Superior are incredible.

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