Smoke in Lonsdale, which has already won numerous awards since opening in 2020, posted to social media yesterday which seems to indicate that something new is coming, but what that is, no one is quite certain.

The post from Smoke yesterday afternoon, features the word Fume, stylized like Smoke's logo, and then the post asks, who likes tacos? So what is going on in Lonsdales?

🚨Something special is on the horizon!🚨

😉Pronounced fu-meh… the Spanish past tense word meaning to SMOKE😉

🙏SMOKE has been very fortunate to have Chef Daniel Oyarzabal as our kitchen manager. We’ve been working on a fun project for a while now to say the least! For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of trying out Chef Daniel’s soups and tacos they are truly exquisite!🙏

😍That being said… who likes tacos?!😍

🙌Logo was created by the infamous Emmy award-winning graphic artist David Pint, at Colorbar Visual Studios! 🙌

In the entire time that Smoke has been open, only one special has made a return, the chimichanga, which is highlighted again this week. So will we see Smoke go from BBQ to tacos? In another post, yesterday Smoke announced that they would be open again for lunch, but would be taking ribs off the menu due to the current market pricing for ribs.

🎃We will be closed for dinner service on Halloween. We will be open for service on Halloween from 11am-2pm! Most of our employees have kiddos that want to go trick or treating!🎃
🎉The wait is over! We will be opening back up for lunch service through the week starting next week (10/26)! Back to our regularly scheduled program.🎉
😭Due to high costs we will not be serving ribs indefinitely until our cost goes down…. Nobody wants to spend $56 for a rack of ribs with no sides! We apologize for the inconvenience.😭
🚨We are still hiring pm servers, cooks am/pm, hosts pm, dishwasher pm! Tell your friends! 🚨

What is in store for Smoke for the remainder of 2021, and into 2022? Only Andrew and his wife Lisa know.

You can get more information about Smoke online here, or through their Facebook page here. 

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