An employee tested positive for COVID-19 at the Daikin Applied plant in Owatonna on Friday, April 17 according to a story in the Owatonna People's Press. The employee will be in quarantine until their health improves. Others potentially exposed to the individual are on paid leave and self-isolating.

Julia Schroeder of Daikin Applied told OPP reporter Annie Granlund, "We are coordinating with the Department of Health to identify any team members who were in close contact with the individual. Our concern is the safety and well being of our employees and we don't believe that this poses any further risk."

As an HVAC manufacturer, Daikin Applied is an essential business, and plays a role in limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

Schroeder also indicated that the company is cleaning and sanitizing work areas of that individual under guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, going "above and beyond" necessary measures. She said the company is encouraging people who are sick or uncomfortable working under the pandemic to use sick leave.

Daikin Applied is an international company. Learn more at their home page.

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