I have been on vacation for the last several days and returned to my air shift yesterday, so here is a quick recap of the past few Power 96 Cool Ones.

On Thursday I featured The Winery Dogs and the opening track, "Oblivion," from their second studio album, Hot Streak, which dropped in September of this year.

On Friday the Cool One was a nomination from Power96Radio.com VIP member Jim West. Jim commented, "What's cooler than tequila? Sammy," as in Sammy Hagar's "Mas Tequila."

Monday I picked a slippery little tune by the Bulletboys titled "Hang on St. Christopher" from sophomore effort Freakshow released in 1991.

Yesterday's Cool One took us back to 1983 with Blue Oyster Cult's "Shooting Shark" from their ninth studio album, The Revolution by Night.

As always, I'd love to find out what songs you consider to be Cool Ones. If you're a VIP member, like Jim West, you nominate a Power 96 Cool right now.

If you're not go to Power96Radio.com and sign up today.

This afternoon's Power 96 Cool One, brought to you by Kelly's Auto Parts, comes from a Canadian band that was originally named Tokyo. Listen in at 4:35PM to find out who it is.

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