Great White
Great White

Yesterday's Power 96 Cool One came from Great White. The track I chose, "House of Broken Love," came from their 1989 release ... Twice Shy. This album contains some of their biggest hits and helped to propel them into the spotlight of the rock world. Besides yesterday's painful relationship break-up tune, which went to No. 30 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, three other tracks went on to do rather well, including "Mista Bone," "The Angel Song" and, of course, "Once Bitten Twice Shy," which garnered them a No. 5 position on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and a No. on the U.S. Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Unfortunately in 2003, Great White was involved in a tragic fire while performing at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island that ultimately ended up killing 100 people, including their guitarist, Ty Longley.

Tune in at 4:35 today for another Power 96 Cool One, brought to you by Kelly's Auto Parts on Seventh Street in Faribault. Like Great White, today's Cool One features a band that has become fractured into two different bands over the years.

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