Yesterday I chose Queensryche's "I Don't Believe in Love" from their concept album Operation: Mindcrime album. Now I know I've already featured another track, "Eyes of a Stranger," from this same record, but as I probably stated, this is one of my favorite albums. The album was so popular with their fans that they would perform the whole thing in concert and were doing this before it became de rigueur for today's bands. The album also spawned a box set, along with various live albums and video sets. Plus in 2006 the sequel, Operation: Mindcrime II, was released, which continued the story of the original album's protaganist, Nikki, being released from prison and tracking down Dr. X, sung by Ronnie James Dio, to exact his revenge.

Operation: Mindcrime was released in May 1988 and was their third studio album. It peaked at No. 50 on the U.S. Billboard 200, while yesterday's Cool One unfortunately did not crack the charts.

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